The New Normal...

The new normal?

I hear people talk about the “new normal” but what is the new normal?  Most people are referring to social distancing, wearing of face masks, queues at the shops and home deliveries etc.

But as the lockdown eases and we are able to enjoy the outside more, play sport, soon go for a drink or a meal out, will we continue some of the things that have become common place in our lives over the last three months?

For many of us it’s been an opportunity to put the brakes on a busy and hectic life style and pause for thought, take up new hobbies or interests, bake, sew and reconnect with old friends and get to know the neighbours.  Video calls are now common place, house parties and pub quizzes online with friends all over the country or world for many are now a weekly occurrence, will that continue? 

There is nothing like meeting a friend face to face, hugging, laughing, enjoying your time together and making memories but hopefully as people get back to normal, going back to work, go for meal or a drinks they will continue to reach out to others and renew old friendships either face to face or virtually.  I hope people continue with their new found hobbies or interests and from those have found lasting new friendships.

The new normal for me? Well apart from being my own boss, it’s mindfulness. What I mean by this is not losing sight of what is really important to me, my family, friends, kindness, being thoughtful, accommodating of others, things that in the past have been caught up in the melee of life. Not forgotten about, but not focused on.