Ever had that feel good feeling about your luggage?

Ever had that feel good feeling about your luggage? With leather luggage you will. But leather bags are expensive right?  Is that true? I don’t think so, let me explain. Yes a leather bag will cost you more than a nylon holdall you might find in a sports shop, maybe 3 or 4 times as much but as a general rule a leather bag will last you a lot longer.  Look after a good quality bag and you can be using it decades later, you can’t say that very often about a nylon holdall.

So what is important about buying a leather bag, be it a holdall or an overnight bag is firstly the leather.  Leather comes in many different grades an qualities.  All our leather luggage is full grain leather, this is considered the best leather to use and most durable.  Avoid bonded leather, which is heavily chemically treated and generally contains around 20% leather. Your leather bag should smell like leather not chemicals.

Tanning is also important to the make up of the leather used, vegetable tanning is the most natural and eco friendly such as our explorer bag eco

The hardware used is very important not just to the look of your bag but also the durability, our luggage use quality zips such as YKK to insure your cherished luggage is useable for years to come.

Size matters !!!!  Is you new purchase the right size for you?  Will it hold all you want it to hold, will it fit what you want it to fit (I’m talking cabin bags now).  Will it protect you valuables such as laptops?

Caring for your bag is also very important, handbags should be stored (when not in use) in a dust bag to avoid scratches and dust build up, such as the ones The House of Sorrento come with. Avoid plastic bags as they do not let your leather bag breath.  Store away from direct sunlight as this could cause discolouration and direct heat.  Treat your leather products with care, after all they are natural products and will last much longer if you do.

Most importantly enjoy your new leather bag, they are stylish add a splash of luxury to your travels or everyday activities and looked after can last a life time.  Add to that leather is natural and not manmade they are generally more friendly to the environment.